Custom Bicycle Headbadge

Custom Bicycle Headbadge

Handmade by Rhys May Jewelry.

Unique adornment for your own or your loved one's bicycle. 
Made to order, completely by hand. 


-Lead time is 4-6 weeks from the date of your order. These are made the slow way, all by hand. 

-Choose material: Fully brass, fully sterling silver, or mixed-metal with both sterling silver and brass.  

-Send a description of the custom headbadge of your dreams, and you'll receive one designed and handmade just for you. 


-Include what model of bike its going on, preferably with head tube diameter measurement. When in doubt send a photo of a measuring device held up against the head tube.

-Headbadges come with 3M outdoor mounting tape to attach to your bike. This tape is the same type used for mounting car decals and does not come off without a fight.

-If you'd like to epoxy or bolt/screw your headbadge onto your bike, simply mention this in customization notes. Otherwise the headbadge will arrive pre-taped with the 3M outdoor mounting tape. 


-Sizing: for 1" or 1 1/8" head tube diameter bicycles, the smaller badges fit better. For oversized or 44mm head tube diameters, the larger size takes up the space better. For super tall folks with lots of head tube space, ask for it to be longer. 

*Put good karma into the world: All designs copyright Rhys May 2015-2021. Please be respectful of my work.